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Stake is your shop for shares. With 3,000+ US listed stocks and ETFs on Stake, buying shares in companies like eBay, Google, Amazon, Shopify and Tesla is easier than ever.

With a Stake trading account, shares are registered in your name and can be sold at any time.  It's the simplest and most affordable way to trade in US shares.

"The most impressive guys I’ve come across in the Aussie fin-tech space, hands-down. Proud to be partnering with the Stakeshop.”

"Love what Stake is doing for investing in US stocks and ETFs - simple and affordable. Counting down the days to invest through my SMSF."

Jeff Parker

MD @ World First (Asia Pacific)

Don't take our word... take theirs.

George Freney

"Proud customer of Stake - these guys are making waves - leaving @CommSec well and truly in the dark."

CEO & Co-Founder of Booodl

Justin Lipman


Associate @ Equity Venture Partners

Stake is a simple and easy way for Australians to invest directly in the US Sharemarket.

No.  There are no monthly fees on Stake and we've even dropped our brokerage to $0 (previously $5.99).  See our pricing here. 

With direct market access and real time pricing on over 3000+ US listed shares, Stake is changing the way Australians access global markets. 

We're saying goodnight to the ASX and hello to a world of opportunities!

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Some questions customers are asking...

Rest assured your assets are safe.

Stake never touches your money. Your assets are always registered in your name with our partners, Macquarie Bank, OFX and DriveWealth.  We're just the platform bringing it all together. 

Your US cash and securities are insured for up to USD$500,000 by the SIPC if a broker-dealer falls over. 

Read more about SIPC Insurance here.

Yes, these are all real shares for companies and funds listed on US stock exchanges.  

When you buy shares in these companies (at least 1 share) you are entitled to vote.  

You can now be a shareholder in some of the world's most successful companies just by redeeming your gift card. 

Can I sell my shares?

Am I investing in real shares?

Are there any fees to having an account?

Yes. You can sell your shares at any time.  They're your shares and you have your own trading account on Stake. 

You can place your sell order in just a few clicks. Just login and view your portfolio and place your order.  

Is my money secure with Stake?

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